In my bag!

In my bag!
In my bag! Leica M9 with Voigtlander 35mm, f1.4;75mm, f2.5; 15mm, f4.5. Custom handmade leather bag from Saddleback Leather (USA), notebook (Red&Black) with Saddleback Leather cover, Jorg Hysek fountain pen.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lezanne & Mel wedding 16 December 2012 - Leica M9 with Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm/f4.5

Far far away from home, but we still managed to view the whole wedding ceremony via Skype and 3G. Thanks to the clever people who brings us this technology. Congrats Lezanne and Mel!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fun shots in low light - Leica M9

The photos aren't always in focus especially with a rangefinder and if in low light. But sometimes it works out "OK"!

Nativity/Christmas fair/Panto weekend - Leica M9 with Voigtlander lenses and very little light

I'm always amassed about the results, considering the low light if not "no light"! What a machine!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Always have your camera with you - Leica M9 and Voigtlander 35mm, f1.4

I always have my camera with me! So even when I'm sent in the wrong direction and end up in the Southampton docs, it still remains an interesting journey and an opportunity to snap a few things I've never seen before!